Salient Features of Hautomate - Clinic Management System


Clinic Information Management System :

  • Effectively manage samples and associated data to improve lab efficiency.
  • Lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.
  • Helps labs produce accurate, reproducible results faster and more reliably.
  • Makes data from sequencing runs easier to store, track and assess.
  • Can evaluate and improve operational efficiency.

Reception :

  • Helps to perform day to day functions of a laboratory in an easy way.
  • General enquiries, registration, billing and patient details.
  • Shared information from all other users can be viewed
  • Track/update changes in status, location, tariff and availability of resources throughout the organization.



  • Lock-in specimen identification
  • Increase efficiency and quality in bringing the patient results.
  • Ensures no mismatch of specimen by improving readability , accuracy of labels , diminish tech time and operator error.

Billing :

  • All types of billing
  • Facilitates cashiers for raising bills for different categories of patients like insurance, general and referral.
  • Automatic posting of charges related to different test according to the departments.
  • Provides credit billing facility.

Sample Collections :

  • Once patient investigation request is raised, technician can view list of tests to be taken for that particular patient
  • Know number of samples to be collected and proceed accordingly.

Result Entry :

  • Generate investigation results
  • Can be entered either manually or automatic through the help of machine interfacing

Result Approval :

  • Send result to concerned department doctors for approval.
  • After approval of results reports will be generated in software.

SMS/Email :

  • Helps the patient get the current information of laboratory.
  • Patients can get conformation of appointment, result status and important information through SMS and email.

Reminder and Alerts :

  • Built to improve clinician productivity and assist in the care of patients.
  • Automatically generated to assist staff on important tasks of follow-up care

Security & Identity Management :

  • Authenticates and authorizes each and every transaction made by the user.
  • Based on the role based security model.

Reports :

  • Get statistical information to develop the day to day activities.
  • View reports according to your requirements based on the user rights