Salient Features of Hautomate - Hospital Management System


Hospital Information Management System :

  • HIMS addresses all the major functional areas of modern multi-speciality hospitals
  • Can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage datas and associated information.
  • Helps hospitals records produce accurate, reproducible results faster and more reliably.

Appointment Management :

  • Robust Schedule Management module, which will eliminate your hassle to manage centralized appointments for your chains of clinics.
  • Calendar assisted with ROTA implementation which aid in appointment booking.
  • Track the status of appointments with visible indications.
  • Manage Doctor's schedule and patient time together for rescheduled appointments.

Outpatient Management :

  • Rapid Registration to speed up the registration process.
  • All aspects of the patient's registration are searchable.
  • Accurately capture Insurance / Corporate / Credit Payment Information.
  • Allows for appointment scheduling.
  • Allows for Creation of Department and Individual Doctor's Schedules.

Inpatient Management :

  • Rapidly reconfigure bed types and patient types for any given ward.
  • Highlights patient with special needs such as Isolation, Corporate, VIP, etc.
  • Centralizes the ordering system to all departments based on individual needs.
  • Results from laboratory, radiology, can be viewed immediately.
  • Documents Discharge Summaries, Birth Registers, and Death Registers.
  • Rapidly reconfigure bed types and patient types for any given ward.

Doctor Workstation (CPOE) :

  • Create clinical pathways based on diagnosis and link patients to them.
  • View complete history of the patient from a single screen.
  • Prescription screen with interface with Vidal Drug Database.
  • Crucial alerts and reminders for lab and radiology test and results.
  • Integrated with ADT and nurses module giving real-time status of the patient.

Nursing Management :

  • Scheduling the operation theater rooms.
  • Reservation and scheduling patients for surgery.
  • Capture surgeon & surgery details.
  • Results from laboratory, radiology, can be viewed immediately.
  • Scheduling Anesthesiologists and PACU units.
  • Register items used against the patient for the surgery.

Insurance/Panel :

  • Set individual rates and discounts for various insurance companies / TPAs.
  • Generate insurance claims, follow up pending and partly settled claims.
  • Keep a record of pending claims and resubmissions, rejected claims.
  • Update claim status.
  • Insurance receivables register.

Ward Management :

  • Improve key performance factors that affect patient and staff satisfaction.
  • Eliminate phone calls to determine patient status and bed availability.
  • Improve Revenue by maximizing throughput and bed utilization.
  • Automatically updates the availability of Patient Beds and Extra Beds.
  • Creates a Dashboard on Hospital Bed Allocation & Bed Status.
  • Rapidly reconfigure bed types and patient types for any given ward.

Finance and Budgeting :

  • Generates reports such as Trail Balance, Balance Sheet, and Profit and Loss statement.
  • Keep track of Account Payable, Account Receivable and General Ledger.
  • Provision to clear Supplier Invoice and tracking of Account Receivable and Revenue.
  • Manage the services that are covered by the Sponsor Companies, Insurance Agencies, Family Accounts, Individual Accounts, Sponsorship details of the Patient, Health Card Insurance can be recorded in the system.

Queue Management System :

  • Provides monitoring tools and/or the internet with real time system data.
  • Measures wait time, session time, employee productivity, number of waiting customers and login information.
  • Management can be notified by email/text message if the wait time limit or other parameter is exceeded.
  • Managers are able to monitor open/closed workstations in real-time.

Billing Management :

  • Comprehensive web-based medical billing
  • Generate invoices,
  • Tracks all payments , advance payment , refund and extra paid amount.
  • Provides easy way to do bill for patients and relieves providers to focus on patient care.
  • Allows you to monitor your revenues.

Inventory Management :

  • Inventory management helps multi chain clinics to manage stock at each clinic level.
  • Enables actions like add Products, Purchase entry, Indent request, Indent transfer, Purchase order, Sales return and Purchase return with easy clicks and action in software.

Integrated Laboratory :

  • Integrate your laboratory with patient records and billing
  • Seamless coordination between care delivery and laboratory operations
  • Master data for all lab test with upgraded range and method of test.

Asset Management :

  • Monitor your assets
  • Manage your assets in terms of location and details like Date of Purchase, Specifications, Location of the Equipment, AMC and Count etc.
  • Prevent investment breakdown
  • Book appointments for your assets

Reports and Analytics :

  • Provides 150+ reports and excellent analytics to analyse performance of practice.
  • Reports are actionable and allows to check details in depth
  • Reports are related to Patient, Appointments, Inventory, Income, Receipts, and Assets.
  • Reports can be configured for your business context and workflow, relationship with customer and staff.
  • Helps in tracking down the clinic expenses.

Automated E-mail :

  • Integrated emails within software provides end of the day report with total appointments, Total completed appointments, and Total bill amount.
  • Emails are not only for providers or clinic staff but also for patients.
  • Hospitals/Clinics can communicate with their patients.
  • Always stay connected with your patients.